Bear Family Explore Evacuated Lake Tahoe Neighborhood

A family of bears explored a South Lake Tahoe neighborhood on September 2, after residents were forced to evacuate due to the Caldor Fire.

Footage captured by a doorbell camera at Azadeh Nolan’s vacation cabin shows a mama bear and her three cubs curiously sniffing around the property.

“We noticed the camera detected motion on the north end of the cabin. So we immediately tuned into the rest of our footage and found Mama bear at our front door,” Nolan told Storyful.

She said that after her family’s initial delight that the bears and their home were okay, they scared them off by screaming through the doorbell camera, which she said “took a few tries”.

“We know better than to encourage them, so locals know to scare them off and leave no food around (the bears need to be discouraged from foraging in human spaces and places),” she said.

Firefighters reported decreased activity by the evening of September 4, as the Caldor Fire reached 43 percent containment. Credit: Azadeh Nolan via Storyful

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