Bear Falls From Tree During Rescue in Arkansas Neighborhood

A bear fell from a tree after wildlife specialists tranquilized the animal to remove it from a residential neighborhood in Russellville, Arkansas, on June 2.

Speaking to Storyful, the Russellville Police Department said they had received numerous phone calls on Thursday about a bear roaming around the neighborhood and notified specialists from Arkansas Game and Fish to help.

Video taken by Kimmy Stephens shows the black bear stuck cradled between branches in a tree roughly 30 feet above ground as police officers and rescuers isolated the area.

Fifteen minutes after rescuers shot the bear with a tranquilizer quill, the animal fell from the tree onto a tarp, where the rescue team was then able to examine the bear for injuries.

According to Russellville Police Department, the bear has since been safely relocated outside city limits. Credit: Kimmy Stephens via Storyful

Video transcript

- He's got to be almost done.

KIMMY STEPHENS: Well, he just tried to reposition himself to hold on. He's trying really hard. Oh, my gosh.

- Holy smokes.

KIMMY STEPHENS: Oh, my gosh. Oh no, baby.

- Oh, it's over with. It's over with.

KIMMY STEPHENS: Oh, no. Oh, oh, his head just fell back. He's asleep. He is asleep. Oh, my gosh.

- Oh, my goodness.

KIMMY STEPHENS: Oh, my gosh.

- He's wobbling.





- Oh, my goodness.


KIMMY STEPHENS: Oh, he's still alive. He's still moving. They're laughing.

- Holy smokes.

KIMMY STEPHENS: They are all laughing. I'm so-- this is so funny.

- He's going to lay down over there.

KIMMY STEPHENS: There's somebody way back there. Where is he?

- You OK?

- Yeah, I'm good.

- He's trying to get out of there. [LAUGHS] It's like, you just fell down.

KIMMY STEPHENS: Can you see him? They can probably see him, right?

- Man down.

- Bear down.

KIMMY STEPHENS: Did you see him when he walked away?

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