Bear Escapes From Dumpster, Almost Runs Into Man at Lake Tahoe Marina

A man used a tractor to lift a dumpster lid to free a bear before it nearly ran into his colleague in Lake Tahoe in Homewood, California.

Kristin Kramer filmed a video that shows a bear jumping out of a dumpster after Obexer’s Boat Company employee, Darren Kramer, opens the lid with a tractor. Darren’s dog, Bridger, then barks and chases the animal.

The bear has to halt as it nearly runs into Matt Shane, Darren’s colleague, who almost walks into the chaos. Shane quickly steps back, allowing the bear to run across the street and into the woods.

“Oh my god,” Kramer can be heard saying in the video. “It’s safe,” she says to Shane as he emerges from the corner of the house. Credit: Kristin Kramer via Storyful

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