Bear Cub Plays in Snow for First Time at Finland Sanctuary

An adorable bear cub had a blast as she played in snow for the first time at a sanctuary in Finland this fall.

Footage posted by bearkeeper Pasi Jantti shows rescue cub Aina frolicking in the white stuff with Kuusamo Predator Centre’s Sulo Karjalainen – an “experienced bear nanny” known in Finland as The Bearman.

Jantti told Storyful that the cub only weighed three pounds when it was found in the yard of a house back in May, and that its mother was nowhere to be found.

Aina was brought to live at the center, which looks after orphaned wildlife. Jantti said she has since grown a lot, now weighing almost 60 pounds. Credit: Pasi Jantti via Storyful

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