Bear Caught Red-Pawed Opening Door of Colorado Home

A young bear’s bold attempt to get into a Colorado home by opening a door was foiled when the homeowner rapped loudly on a nearby window, recent footage shows.

The video, shot by Kari Bumgarner in Steamboat Springs, shows the bear expertly open the door as a smaller cub watches.

Bumgarner quickly shooed the would-be trespasser away by banging on the window.

She told Storyful that the bears showed up “around noon on Mother’s Day”.

“They tried to open the door once before I started recording,” Bumgarner said. “Once they were scared away they went to the backyard to hang out and eat for about another hour or so.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommends residents “keep all bear-accessible windows and doors closed and locked, including home, garage, and vehicle doors” to help bear-proof their properties. Credit: Kari Bumgarner via Storyful

Video transcript