Bear Breaks Into Gatlinburg Cabin and Spooks Vacationers

A black bear entered a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on May 8, spooking vacationers who were inside at the time, local media reported.

Reports said Michelle Eberhart was in Gatlinburg for the weekend with her husband and friends when the unexpected animal encounter transpired. Eberhart told local media she and a friend saw the bear “leaning on the back door of the cabin.” The bear’s weight caused the locked door to open, prompting Eberhart and her friend to hide for safety, reports said.

Footage from Eberhart shows the bear inside the cabin near a glass door, standing up on its hind legs as it looks out.

The video also shows the bear inside looking through the door at another bear on the porch. Reports said there were three other bears on the cabin’s porch during the incident.

A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesperson told local media the break-in was “not typical bear behavior,” adding that the bears may have been around humans and possibly fed previously.

Eberhart told local media the bear rummaged through candy, potato chips, soft drinks, and allergy medication.

According to local station WATE, the police were called, eventually getting the bear out of the cabin and the other three bears away from the porch. Credit: Michelle Eberhart via Storyful