Battle Fridays - NFL 2021 Contenders - Ep. 1 - Zach Attack and Laying Down T-Law!

Welcome to Episode 1 of Rumblenbreaks - Battles edition. We will be breaking 4 boxes of contenders over the next few weeks. There are 4 of us in this battle, and at the end we'll see who had the best box. If you guys like this we'll do more of it. Reminder! To participate - like, rumble, comment, watch our future videos and most importantly, SUBSCRIBE to our channel/or rumblenbreaks We are looking to hit 250 Subscribers (through either this channel or through rumblenbreaks). On June 30th, we will take the names of all the subscribers and will be drawing the name of 1 lucky subscriber. We hope to be able to do more of these giveaways in the future. We can achieve this with your support by watching our videos. Check out some of earlier content: Remember the time I ate a 41 year old piece of gum chasing a Montana Rookie!