Batman returns after his 'death' in Arkham Knight as part of a massive comic issue

 Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkhamverse Batman has made his first appearance after his 'death' in Arkham Knight as part of a massive crossover story in the 900th issue of his main comic book series.

Batman #900 culminates an ongoing multiverse-driven story arc from writer Chip Zdarsky. The basic idea is that Batman is forced to deal with an alternate reality Joker who's causing the various Jokers from all across the multiverse to wreak even more havoc than usual. Ahead of the final confrontation, the comic universe Batman seeks advice from various Batmans across the multiverse, including versions of the character from the Tim Burton films, the animated series, and the '60s TV Show.

Notably, comic book Batman visits the Arkhamverse Batman in what is the latter character's first appearance following the end of Arkham Knight in 2015. You can see what he looks like thanks to an excerpt posted on Reddit - it's a perfect recreation of this version of the character - and see a bit about how he's processing the death of the Joker at the end of that game.

You might recall that the Joker isn't the only one who died at the end of Arkham Knight - Batman himself died, too, though the manner of that death was far from definitive. In both the standard ending and the secret ending you get after achieving 100% completion, it's pretty strongly implied that Batman has in fact faked his own death.

And, well, if you didn't already know that the Arkhamverse Batman survived, he's right there in the trailers for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which takes place in that same universe following the events of the previous games. This Batman's been confirmed not-dead for some time, but this new comic is our first look at what he's been up to ahead of his appearance in Suicide Squad, where like the rest of the Justice League he's been mind-controlled into some very evil behavior.

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