Bathroom Break Nearly Turns Into Horror Crash as Dashcam Captures Van's Near Miss

A driver in Leicestershire, England, had a near miss when rejoining the road on January 17 following a brief pitstop to relieve himself, as a van came careering towards his vehicle, only to turn safely away at the last second.

Twitter user @jennings8693 shared footage of the incident, which he said happened within a quarter mile of the village of Buckminster.

He said he was driving home from work when he stopped into a lay-by as he was “really needing a wee”.

After finishing up, he said he “waited patiently” to rejoin the road, “and the rest you can see”. In the footage @jennings8693’s car can be seen moving back toward the road before a van drives at pace toward the lay-by and only narrowly avoids a collision with the Twitter user’s car. Credit: @jennings8693 via Storyful

Video transcript