A Bathing Ape collaborates with Monkey 47 for a streetwear and gin drop

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BAPE Monkey 47
BAPE Monkey 47

Still coveting that Omega x Swatch Moonswatch? Or Marni’s bold graphics on Uniqlo garments? Or Sailor Moon embroidered Maje dresses? You’re probably too late to the party. Here’s something you can still look forward to – BAPE x Monkey 47.

Dropping on April 30, two eccentric brands will collaborate for the first time ever for a collection of streetwear and gin bearing vegetal, floral and camo prints.


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BAPE Monkey 47
Image credit: Monkey 47

What we know about the A Bathing Ape (BAPE) x Monkey 47 crossover:

For fashionistas, you can expect the capsule collection to be eye-catching despite the supposedly camouflage motif. Blend in you will not, stand out you must. The capsule collection comprises five unique articles, each carrying BAPE’s ABC camo aesthetic in three separate colourways of green, pink and blue.

Perfect for the soul-sapping Malaysian weather, you will find cool drops like a hoodie, Hawaiian shirt, tee, skateboard and Monkey 47 gin exclusively sheathed in peach, fuchsia and magenta.

BAPE Monkey 47
Image credit: Monkey 47

Where to purchase the A Bathing Ape (BAPE) x Monkey 47 capsule collection?

12,000 bottles of the limited release Monkey 47 gin will be made available at selected retailers. Bad luck if you’re in Malaysia. However, you can travel to Bangkok and Singapore for procurement. Now that Thailand and Singapore have announced plans to remove pre-departure tests, there’s no reason stopping you from boarding that plane.

Click here to find out who will be selling the BAPE x Monkey 47 gin.

But good news if you’re looking for BAPE x Monkey 47 streetwear. It is coming to KL at BAPE’s flagship boutique at Suria KLCC.

Click here to find out which BAPE boutique will be carrying the BAPE x Monkey 47 collection.

Who is BAPE?

The Japanese streetwear pioneer was founded by Nigo, who is the current artistic director of Kenzo, in 1993. The brand is known for its frequent collaborations with other clothing brands and pop culture icons, from popular shows such as SpongeBob to Supreme.

Who is Monkey 47?

Owned by French beverage behemoth Pernod Ricard, Monkey 47 is part of the new wave of gins that rode on the gin renaissance to greater consciousness. The German spirit from the Black Forest calls upon 47 botanicals in total, including lavender and jasmine, to culminate in a unique expression that boasts 47% ABV.

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