'You Bastard!' Python Bites Australian Snake Catcher on Head

A carpet python didn’t want to leave the ceiling of a home in Hervey Bay, Queensland, without a fight, biting the head of the snake catcher who was called in to remove it.

Video released by Drew Godfrey of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers shows the catcher reaching into the ceiling and pulling down the snake before it bites his head. “You bastard!” Godfrey yells, later adding, “I’ve managed to avoid that for five years.”

Hervey Bay Snake Catchers said on Facebook that it had removed a breeding pair from the same location the week before. “Pheromones can hang around for a few weeks after removing the female so it’s not uncommon to keep getting boys turning up.”

Godfrey released the carpet python into a natural environment. Credit: Drew Godfrey via Storyful

Video transcript

- Knock, knock.


- Hey, how you going?

- Good, mate, good. I was on [INAUDIBLE]

- Yeah, I heard you had another one the next day, too.

- Yeah, we did. Bugger, we couldn't believe it. I was just working, and the thing poked his head over the side.

- Just here?

- It's-- he--

- All right.

- Somewhere.

- Don't say that. Try not to disturb it.

- Say?

- We'll try not to disturb it. Because then if it gets moving then it could be anywhere else. Is there access there or you just going to cut it open, or?

- Oh, they cut it open and all the electrical tiles up.

- OK. John probably doesn't want it cut, hey.

- Oh we can Cut it, and we can always tack it back up, hey?

- Yeah. You can--

- It's there. Do we have a bigger ladder, I wonder?

- I mean, he's not--

- Oh, we're good, we're good. Now cut in there. I'll just--

- Going that way or that way?

- No, wait. Slightly better up in there.

- Yep.

- Yeah.

- Do a midge?

- Going up on the roof and just getting that roll of roof tiles.

- Maybe. I'm just thinking by the time we move him, if we can't even cut it open quick enough.

- See? Just up here, I think, bud. Further up the stairs, there's a bit of a sag just over there.

- Yeah, right there.

- There might be roof tiles above it maybe.

- I mean, if someone wants to get up there. That's him right there.

- Yeah.

- I'm just don't want to cut anything up.


- There's a bit of it. Yep. [GRUNTING] [INAUDIBLE]. [GRUNTING]

- All right.

- All right.

- Don't worry about him. It won't hurt you.



- Wait, it's damaging more coming through.

- You want me to put a slice down that?

- Maybe just--

- Because I can--

- Oh, now he's coming. He's coming. He's coming.

- Here he is. Hello.

- Don't get me on the face, please.


- Back. Ahh!

- He bit you?

- Here we go.


- It got-- I managed to not get bitten on the head by a python except one pet that got me [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] You [MUTED] got me right there.


Is it bleeding? You gave me a head bite, a head bite, mate, a fairly nice bite. I'm getting you out of here.

- Does it hurt?

- And he's probably-- nah, it's just all part of it. And he's probably spewing because he's thought he's come in smelling a lady, and we've already got rid of the girl. So you're wasting your time anyway. Probably doing you a favor. Here, I'll put you out where there is a Sheila. And you bite me on the head, mate, right on the head. Yeah, there's a bit of blood.

- Is there?

- I've managed to avoid that for five years.

- First snake to ever get me in the head, mate. First thing Monday morning, I'm off my game. Hey? Throw you back. You got caught. Hey? Hello. Brought you to a nice spot. Oh, come here. Here, now that you get your head out of the bag. I say [INAUDIBLE]. Sometimes that's stupid.

Trying to get you out. Look at that. Hey! Here's where your girlfriend is, too. I know you can probably smell her in there. But guess what? She's actually in here. That's where I put her. OK? Go find her. You can definitely tell he's the boy, even without just the fact that we've already got rid of the girl, and he'd just be there smeeling the pheromones. There's lumps and scars all over him, ratty condition, nasty attitude, testosterone flying. And you can just feel he's very lumpy. It feels like he's got a few broken ribs. Those are definitely past injuries, but--

Let me see. You can look at his tail sometimes, some of them. He's got his knobby tail as well. He's had a few battles. Let's good. A beautiful looking snake, nonetheless.