Basset Hound Makes Chew Toy From Anti-Chew Spray Bottle

A basset hound in Ohio had her owner in stitches as she grabbed a spray bottle containing liquid designed to prevent dogs from chewing on items and, you guessed it, chewed on it.

Hilarious video of the moment was captured by owner Tammy Tunison who is heard cracking up at her dog, Bes, on her farm in Oberlin.

“You’re a terrible advertisement for their spray!” Tunison laughs, as Bes gnaws on the plastic bottle.

Tunison told Storyful that Bes regularly swipes items from the house, especially wool socks, but will also grab brooms, plastic storage bowls, or anything else she can fit through her doggy door.

“Today she found the spray used to stop puppies from chewing on things like furniture,” Tunison said. “Well, the anti-chew spray did not work on her. She used the bottle as a chew toy, and it still had liquid in it. By the time I saw her with it, she had already chewed the cap off,” she said. Tunison added that she eventually retrieved the bottle while Bes was distracted by a scent near their fence.

Tunison regularly films humorous videos of goats and other animals on her farm, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful