Basketbrawl: Singapore police investigating boys fighting at Boon Keng basketball court

A messy brawl involving at least eight boys at a basketball court is under police investigation.

The Singapore Police Force today said they are looking into the incident at a basketball court in Boon Keng after confirming that a report has been lodged.

In the two-minute video that had been circulating online, the fight involved about eight boys taking turns punching and kicking one another. Some were in school uniforms.

At one point, two fights were happening concurrently where a boy was kicked to the ground and in the head. All this happened while another boy, who didn’t intervene, continued shooting hoops at the back.

It is not known when and how the fight started.

A boy can be heard telling off another to fight with someone their age.

“You wanna hit this kid?” One boy said.

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