Basement Caked in Mud After Storm Batters Bellingham

Heavy rain and overflowing waterways caused flooding in Bellingham, Washington, on November 14 and 15, damaging homes and property.

Video filmed by local resident Susanne Pavlyuk early on Monday morning shows mud, debris and water in her basement.

“The culvert for Toad Creek passing under Dewey Road was clogged and the county closed the road rather than address the issue. I assume that there were way more pressing issues and they had to prioritize. This caused the creek to flow over the road and directly into our house,” Pavlyuk told Storyful.

Luckily, Pavlyuk said a neighbor with an excavator helped to divert the creek so the floodwaters could recede.

“They worked all night last night and we are still pumping now because it continues to fill with ground water,” Pavlyuk said.

According to the National Weather Service, rain was forecast to stop and floodwaters were expected to go down in Bellingham by November 16. Credit: Susanne Pavlyuk via Storyful

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