Barney the robo barman readies for cocktail hour

Post-lockdown drinks will look different at this bar

They will be served by Barney the robo barman

Barney can mix 16 different spirits and eight different sodas

for customers who place their orders on their phones

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

F&P ROBOTICS AG CHIEF SALES OFFICER, GERY COLOMBO, SAYING:"One thing is of course the entertainment factor, so it's really an experience, that Barney will serve you with a drink that is freshly made. Barney can also talk to you, he could tell you a joke."

The Barney Bar could help bars and hotels reduce human contact

The robot can also disinfect his own robotic arm

F&P ROBOTICS AG CHIEF SALES OFFICER, GERY COLOMBO, SAYING:"Well, our goal is not to replace humans, our goal is to be a complement for humans. And I mean, you see technology is getting into all different fields, and we see that Barney is much more a complement, if you want, an additional entertaining factor, or maybe if you have a certain environment where you don't always want somebody at the bar but you still have a 24-hour service for your customers, that's where a bar could also make sense."