Barcelona vs Chelsea LIVE: Women’s Champions League result and final score

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Chelsea head to Barcelona and the Nou Camp knowing that only victory will do if they are to reach the final of the Women’s Champions League.

The Blues are aiming to become the first English team to win the competition since 2007 but must overturn Barcelona’s one-goal advantage, given to them by Caroline Graham Hansen’s stunning winner at Stamford Bridge. The odds are stacked against Chelsea, with Barcelona winning each of their last 18 home games in the Champions League, as well as all five at the Nou Camp.

But Chelsea will take confidence from restricting Barcelona in spells and doing enough to remain in the tie. Emma Hayes will look to take a bolder approach as the English champions attempt to gain revenge for their 4-0 defeat to Barcelona in the 2021 Women’s Champions League final, with another bumper crowd expected at the Nou Camp.

Follow live updates from Barcelona vs Chelsea in the Women’s Champions League, below.

Barcelona vs Chelsea

  • Chelsea travel to Barcelona in the Women’s Champions League semi-final, live on DAZN and YouTube

  • Emma Hayes’ side trail 1-0 after the first leg in London

  • 67’ GOAL! - Reiten equalises for Chelsea, game on (BAR 1-1 CHE)

  • 63’ GOAL! - Graham Hansen sends Barcelona ahead (BAR 1-0 CHE)

  • 48’ SHOT! - Rolfo comes close but pulls her effort wide (BAR 0-0 CHE)

  • 9’ DISALLOWED - Barca score first but it’s ruled out for handball (BAR 0-0 CHE)

FT Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:47 , Mike Jones

The celebrations are underway at the Nou Camp. The Barcelona players are taking a lap of honour and are appreciating the songs and cheers of the home supporters.

Chelsea’s players look gutted. It was a big effort from them and they almost got over the line.

FT Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:42 , Mike Jones

Full-time: Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:39 , Mike Jones

90+4 mins: Stoppage time is over, Chelsea can’t find the goal they need and Barcelona are going through.

It was a better performance from Emma Hayes’ side in the second half and they managed to get the equaliser but over two legs Barcelona were too strong.

The Spanish champions are heading into the Women’s Champions League final, Chelsea are out.

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:36 , Mike Jones

90 mins: Four minutes of added time to play. Four minutes for Chelsea to score, four minutes for Barcelona to hold out.

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:34 , Mike Jones

87 mins: Save! Barcelona substitute Geyse gets the ball and brings it down the left of the box before pulling it back to Salma Paralluelo.

Paralluelo shoots and aims for the bottom right corner forcing Ann-Katrin Berger to leap across and push the ball wide of the back post!

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:31 , Mike Jones

84 mins: Jess Carter pumps a long ball forward and good pressing from Chelsea sees Sam Kerr come away with the ball. She knocks it back to Lauren James who shoots from range and belts her effort over the top!

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:28 , Mike Jones

81 mins: Emma Hayes is throwing it all out there now in the search for another goal. Johanna Rytting Kaneryd is introduced to replace Eve Perisset.

Less than 10 minutes to go and Barcelona are starting to employ the game management tactics of time wasting.

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:25 , Mike Jones

78 mins: Aitana Bonmati wins the ball in midfield and drives up to the box before sending it over to Salma Paralluelo on the left side.

The striker checks to the right and wants to shoot but Jess Carter comes across, times her tackle well and recovers the ball.

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:22 , Mike Jones

75 mins: Jessie Fleming and Guro Reiten are taken off by Emma Hayes with 15 minutes left in the match. On come Pernille Harder and Lauren James.

Can the substitutes provide the impetus for a second goal?

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:20 , Mike Jones

72 mins: Barcelona’s captain takes her time getting subbed off the pitch with Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic coming on to replace her for the final 20 minutes or so.

Chelsea’s reinforcements are yet to come on but there’s a belief to their play now. They’re certainly creating more now.

Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg)

19:16 , Mike Jones

69 mins: Chelsea have a goal will which inject a tonne of confidence into the team. They’ll believe that they can go on to score again and if they do Barcelona may start to get nervous.

Emma Hayes is prepping her changes now.

GOAL! Barcelona 1-1 Chelsea (2-1 agg) - Reiten, 67’⚽️

19:14 , Mike Jones

67 mins: Great response from Chelsea!

A heavy tackle wins them the ball in midfield and they work it forward quickly. Melanie Leupolz flicks a pass over the top and finds Sam Kerr as she sprints into the box.

A heavy touch from Kerr kicks the ball at Sandra Panos but the rebound lands in front of Guro Reiten who then turns it home!

Barcelona 1-0 Chelsea (2-0 agg)

19:11 , Mike Jones

66 mins: It’s a mammoth task for Chelsea now. One goal was already a huge ask in a fortress of a stadium like this but two is near impossible.

Emma Hayes needs to react now, she needs to make some attacking changes.

GOAL! Barcelona 1-0 Chelsea (2-0 agg) - Graham Hansen, 63'⚽️

19:10 , Mike Jones

63 mins: Chelsea didn’t learn!

Another counter-attack from the hosts sees Aitana Bonmati drive the ball up through the middle of the pitch before slipping a pass into Caroline Graham Hansen.

She shoots and despite an attempted goalline clearance from Jess Carter the ball crosses the line.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

19:08 , Mike Jones

62 mins: Here’s a couple of changes for Barcelona. Ingrid Syrstad Engen and Salma Paralluelo come on to replace Keira Walsh and Asisat Oshoala.

A Barcelona counter-attack sees the host bomb it up the pitch through Graham Hansen. She squares the ball and it comes to Caldentey.

Barca’s no. 9 tries to shoot but Mjelde pokes the ball away in the nick of time.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

19:05 , Mike Jones

59 mins: Niamh Charles’ forward pass takes a deflection and knocks the ball out for a Chelsea corner.

Eve Perisset whips in the set piece but a bunch of argy bargy in the box sees Barca win a free kick.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

19:02 , Mike Jones

56 mins: Caroline Graham Hansen gets the crowd excited after receiving the ball out on the right wing. In an almost carbon copy of her goal in the first leg the forward nips inside from the right and drives into the box.

Chelsea deal with her attack better this time. They stick close to her and force the ball onto the striker’s weaker foot. Graham Hansen still gets a shot away but lifts it over the crossbar.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:58 , Mike Jones

53 mins: Chelsea work the ball nicely over to the left wing before fizzing a good pass into the feet of Sam Kerr who’s now playing centrally.

Kerr releases it towards Guro Reiten who collides with the nearest defender and goes down in the box looking for a penalty. The referee isn’t interested though.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:54 , Mike Jones

50 mins: Oshoala makes a good run in between Maren Mjelde and Jess Carter. The striker is fed the ball and she lets fly from range before getting flagged offside.

Barcelona are picking up where they left off in the first half.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:53 , Mike Jones

48 mins: Shot! Fridolina Rolfo is having a good evening. She drifts inside and collects the ball in space allowing her to spin towards goal.

A dart forward gets her within shooting range and she drills an effort wide of the far post.

Second half: Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:50 , Mike Jones

Barcelona restart the game knowing that a cleansheet will get them into the Women’s Champions League final. Alexia Putellas is waiting in the wings to make her comeback too so the home side have plenty of threats to use against Chelsea.

HT Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:48 , Mike Jones

What can Chelsea muster in the next 45 minutes? The longer the game goes without a goal the more likely it will be that Barcelona go through should they break the deadlock.

Still, there’s only one goal in the tie and Chelsea have enough quality to score first.

HT Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:44 , Mike Jones

HT Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:40 , Mike Jones

Chelsea didn’t create a single chance in the first half at the Nou Camp but they’re still in the game and the stage is set for some attacking changes to come.

It won’t be long before Lauren James is introduced in place of Niamh Charles I shouldn’t think.


Half-time: Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:35 , Mike Jones

45+3 mins: Nearly! Chelsea whip the ball into the box and almost pick out Guro Reiten only for Aitana Bonmati to flick the ball away.

It comes to Jessie Fleming who shoots from range and smokes her effort over the crossbar!

A late Barcelona free kick sees the ball curled into Chelsea’s box but it safely skips through without troubling the goalkeeper. All square at half-time.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:32 , Mike Jones

45 mins: Three minutes of added time to play in the first half. Will there be an opening goal before the break?

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:31 , Mike Jones

42 mins: Emma Hayes doesn’t look too worried nor too impressed on the sidelines. She’ll be thinking about how to get more momentum into Chelsea’s attacking play.

Defensively the Blues have been good but they need to offer more in the opposition’s final third.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:27 , Mike Jones

39 mins: Chelsea’s best moment in quite some time comes from a counter-attack that sees Guro Reiten take the ball into the left side of the box.

Her cutback is targeted towards Fleming and Kerr but Paredes gets to the ball first and scoops it clear. Good from Chelsea, can they maintain a bit of pressure on the home side now?

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:24 , Mike Jones

36 mins: Paredes’ cross into the middle finds Caldentey who launches an effort back across goal only to have Jess Carter clear the danger for Chelsea.

It’s all Barcelona at the minute. Sam Kerr has hardly had a touch for the Blues.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:21 , Mike Jones

33 mins: Barcelona are in control of the game now. Chelsea are finding it tough to maintain possession and they’re being forced to do an awful lot of defending.

If the home side score that will be it for the tie. At 1-0 Chelsea still have a chance of getting back into the semi-final.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:16 , Mike Jones

30 mins: Half and hour played at the Nou Camp and nothing to separate the teams in tonight’s game. Caroline Graham Hansen’s first leg strike is the only thing sending Barcelona into the final as it stands.

Bonmati dances her way into the box from the right side but her square pass is hit straight at Maren Mjelde who boots it clear.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:15 , Mike Jones

27 mins: Close! Graham Hansen is fed the ball on the right and she lifts it into the penalty area. Bonmati leaps for the ball but it sails over her and drops on the head of Mariona Caldentey who nods it over the top.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:13 , Mike Jones

24 mins: Asisat Oshoala tries to get onto a ball over the top but Maren Mjelde gets across well, making the challenge but giving away a corner kick.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:08 , Mike Jones

21 mins: Chelsea are being patient with their build-up play and are trying to force Barca out of position. The hosts are happy for the Blues to keep the ball as they aren’t really threatening with it.

Maren Mjelde looks for a diagonal pass over to Jessie Fleming but the ball is intercepted and Barcelona take over.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:05 , Mike Jones

18 mins: Guro Reiten and and Irene Paredes come together as both players try to win a loose ball. The Barca defender gets there first and tips the ball away from Reiten who can’t halt her run and knocks both players to the floor.

Reiten is booked for her efforts.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

18:03 , Mike Jones

15 mins: Magdalena Eriksson seems to be half a step off the pace as Barcelona’s front line continues to target her. Aitana Bonmati is slipped into the right side of the penalty area after she sweeps past the defender.

Bonmati’s ball into the box is a half cross/half shot and forces Ann-Katrin Berger to flick the ball wide of the far post and out of play.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

17:58 , Mike Jones

12 mins: Niamh Charles has her work cut out against Graham Hansen tonight. Already the Barcelona foward looks to have the reading of the makeshift wingback and is confident enough to get around her.

Barcelona win a corner that is swung over to Graham Hansen but her headed effort sails over thr crossbar.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

17:56 , Mike Jones

9 mins: Disallowed goal! Fridolina Rolfo has her first enterprising run down the left wing for Barcelona. Her cross comes into the box and Magdalena Eriksson lets it bounce.

The ball skips past her and comes to Caroline Graham Hansen who controls it and pokes the ball past Ann-Katrin Berger in Chelsea’s goal.

The whistle goes immediately and the goal is ruled out as the referee says Graham Hansen controlled the ball with her hand.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

17:54 , Mike Jones

7 mins: Barcelona are starting to find their feet. Marta Torrejon brings the ball down the right side and slips a pass into the feet of Caroline Graham Hansen.

The forward swings a cross into the area but Jess Carter is on hand to clear it.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

17:53 , Mike Jones

6 mins: Barcelona work the ball up to forward Asisat Oshoala who carries it into the penalty area. Aitama Bonmati arrives over on the far side and Oshoala looks to pick her out but miscues the pass and ends up sending the ball behind for a goal kick.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

17:50 , Mike Jones

3 mins: Barcelona look a little nervous as Chelsea pressure their final third. The ball is sent into the box from the right side and Jessie Fleming lunges towards it but just can’t get there in time to touch it home.

Good start from Chelsea.

Kick off: Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea (1-0 agg)

17:47 , Mike Jones

Chelsea get the ball rolling in this semi-final second leg. The Blues know they need to step up and score tonight so will look to be aggressive and take the game to the hosts

Barcelona vs Chelsea

17:39 , Mike Jones

There are around 70,000 fans flooding into the Nou Camp ahead of kick off in just over five minutes time. This should be a cracking match but Chelsea come into it as huge underdogs.

Can they pull off a surprise victory?

Barcelona vs Chelsea

17:37 , Jamie Braidwood

Another huge crowd is expected tonight as Barcelona return to the Nou Camp, with ticket sales boosted by the possible return of Alexia Putellas.

A world record crowd of 91,648 was in attendence as Barcelona defeated Wolfsburg in last season’s semi-finals.

Barcelona have won their last five games played at the Nou Camp in the Champions League, scoring 24 goals over the past two seasons.

“I went to Camp Nou when I was 13, in fact I saw Barcelona against Chelsea,” revealed the Blues defender Magdalena Eriksson.

“It will be nice, but in terms of the game I have to treat it as any other match.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Barcelona vs Chelsea

17:30 , Mike Jones

You have to go back as far as February 2019 to reach the last time Barcelona failed to win a home match in the women’s game. That was a surprise 3-2 defeat by Sporting de Huelva.

Since then Barca have racked up 60 straight wins at home in the league and in the Champions League their run of home wins is a 18 dating back to March 2018 and a 1-0 loss to Lyon.

Barcelona vs Chelsea

17:24 , Jamie Braidwood

Barcelona star Aitana Bonmati on facing Chelsea at the Nou Camp: “It would be great to reach our fourth Champions League final in front of our own fans at Camp Nou. But we can’t get ahead of ourselves. We have a small advantage, but we are going out to win, regardless.

“We are waiting impatiently for Alexia’s return, but everyone knows how important the game is to be able to reach our fourth final.”

Barcelona vs Chelsea

17:21 , Jamie Braidwood

Emma Hayes on the fitness of Fran Kirby, who has travelled with the squad despite being out with a knee injury that could yet see her miss the World Cup.

“Fran wanted to come with the team,” Hayes said. “She’s part of the team. (It is) great to have her with us. At this moment in time I don’t have any more updates.

“She has been on the grass a little bit but we are having to manage day by day what that looks like and I don’t have a timeline for her return.”

Pre-match thoughts of Jonatan Giráldez

17:14 , Mike Jones

“If people think that we’ve already qualified, it’s understandable, but as a coach I’ve made no mention of Sunday [the chance to clinch the Spanish title against Sporting de Huelva] or the [Women’s Champions League] final.” said the Barcelona head coach

“I show the players what to improve. We must forget the first leg and go out to win.

“[Bronze] has a strain, an ailment. It’s a tiny intervention, just a couple of weeks ... Alexia Putellas has a chance to make the squad, but there is still [Wednesday] training and we have to assess very carefully what to do so that when she returns, she returns well. We will not take any risk with Alexia.

“The priority is to qualify for the final. As a coach I will not take any risk if she is not 100%.”

Barcelona vs Chelsea

17:05 , Jamie Braidwood

In other news, this summer’s Women’s World Cup has been embroiled in a major club vs country row after the European Club Association released a statement insisting players will be unable to join up with their national teams until just 10 days before the start of the tournament in Australia and New Zealand.

The European Club Association (ECA), whose members include clubs in England’s Women’s Super League, says it has “serious concerns” that players are not being given enough time to rest after the domestic season and will seek to “strictly adhere” to Fifa’s mandatory release period of July 10.

The news could come as a significant blow to England’s preparations, with the Lionesses having planned to meet up for their World Cup camp at St George’s Park several weeks before then in June. Sarina Wiegman had hoped for the Lionesses to have a send-off match in England in early July before arriving in Australia on July 7.

Women’s World Cup hit by major club vs country row

Lucy Bronze fine after limping off during Barcelona’s win at Chelsea

16:56 , Mike Jones

Jonatan Giraldez provided a positive update on Lucy Bronze after the England defender was forced off with a knee injury during Barcelona’s 1-0 win over Chelsea in their Champions League semi-final first leg at Stamford Bridge.

The Barca right-back winced as she limped off in the second half after she went down with an issue to her right knee.

Bronze’s injury was a fresh scare for England manager Sarina Wiegman with both Beth Mead and Leah Williamson set to miss the World Cup with ACL tears.

“She felt something in her knee in the beginning,” Giraldez said.

Lucy Bronze fine after limping off during Barcelona’s win at Chelsea

Barcelona vs Chelsea: The return of Alexia Putellas?

16:48 , Jamie Braidwood

Alexia Putellas returned to Barcelona training on Wednesday as the Spain star and Ballon d’Or winner nears her comeback from last summer’s ACL injury.

The midfielder has not played for Barcelona since season’s Champions League final defeat to Lyon.

“We have to assess very carefully what to do so that when she returns, she returns well,” said the Barcelona head coach Jonatan Giráldez.

“We will not take any risk with Alexia. The priority is to qualify for the final. As a coach I will not take any risk if she is not 100 per cent.”


Emma Hayes says Chelsea are ready for challenge of toppling Barcelona

16:40 , Mike Jones

Emma Hayes insists her Chelsea side are as ready as they can be to spring a Women’s Champions League surprise over Barcelona.

The Catalan club are enjoying a perfect Liga F campaign, winning all 25 of their games, and hold a narrow 1-0 lead in their semi-final tie with Chelsea after victory at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Regarded as one of the best women’s teams in Europe, Barcelona will be favourites to finish the job in front of a crowd of over 65,000 at the Nou Camp, with either Arsenal or Wolfsburg to come in the final.

Hayes, though, has backed her side to give their all against an opponent who beat Chelsea 4-0 in the Champions League final two years ago.

Emma Hayes says Chelsea are ready for challenge of toppling Barcelona

Barcelona vs Chelsea: Last time out

16:34 , Jamie Braidwood

Thankfully for Chelsea, last week’s first leg against Barcelona in the Women’s Champions League was not the repeat of the 2021 final that at one stage it threatened to be. Chelsea set out to survive and will head to the Nou Camp still in the tie and only 1-0 down, but to win this semi-final they will need to offer much, much more. The Blues will take heart from how they restricted and disrupted Barcelona at times, but a defensive, passive approach from Emma Hayes’ side leaves them requiring another mircale in the second leg.

Chelsea will not fear such odds but overturning this will take something special. Chelsea could not live with Barcelona to begin with, particularly the outstanding Caroline Graham Hansen, who sealed Barcelona’s 4-0 win in Gothenburg two years ago and returned to terrorise Chelsea here. To raise the Barcelona bench from its feet and to stun this team of global stars takes something magical, and that’s what the winger produced with her wonderful opener after four minutes. It looked a long way back for Chelsea then, but they hung on.

Piece from Stamford Bridge

Chelsea hang on against Barcelona - but require another Champions League miracle

Barcelona vs Chelsea

16:30 , Mike Jones

How will tonight’s Women’s Champions League clash play out? Can Chelsea make it through to the final?

Barcelona vs Chelsea team news

16:23 , Mike Jones

Barcelona XI: Panos; Torrejon, Paredes, Leon, Rolfo; Bonmati, Walsh, Guijarro; Graham Hansen, Caldentey, Oshoala

Chelsea XI: Berger; Perisset, Mjelde, Eriksson, Carter, Charles; Cuthbert, Leupolz; Fleming, Kerr, Reiten

Barcelona vs Chelsea

16:21 , Jamie Braidwood

Chelsea manager Emma Hayes on facing Barcelona: “Nobody denies they are a fabulous team with an amazing history, particularly here, We have to accept that we will suffer more against Barcelona than anyone else. But we showed in the previous game we can defend.

“We will have to do that at an even higher level and the execution from us with the football has to be better. It’s a football match. The game is 1-0. We have a fair and equal chance.

“This is a strength of our team. We are built to cope with the challenges. We like to suffer. We’re as prepared as we possibly can be. I have said it time and time again, we have a dressing room of players that want to be in this position. We will give it everything we have got.

“We’re looking forward to playing at this magnificent stadium. At 1-0 there is no doubt, with their history here, we have to be at our very best.”


‘Chelsea need to be ready for anything’

16:13 , Mike Jones

Chelsea defender Magdalena Eriksson previewed tonight’s clash with Barcelona and claimed that her team needs to be ready for anything when they take on the Liga F champions.

“Barca have a trademark style of play.” she said, “They are very smart players, they take what you give them and that’s why you have to be on your toes in all areas and ready for anything they throw at us.

“We know their style, we know it’s possession based.

“We know they want to keep the ball, drag us out of areas and exploit those areas. For us, it’s about being disciplined, being smart and being ready for anything.”

Barcelona vs Chelsea: Predicted line-ups

16:08 , Jamie Braidwood

Barcelona: Panos; Torrejon, Paredes, Leon, Rolfo; Bonmati, Walsh, Guijarro; Graham Hansen, Oshoala, Paralluelo

Chelsea: Berger; Perisset, Mjelde, Eriksson, Carter, Charles; Cuthbert, Leupolz; James, Kerr, Reiten

Barcelona vs Chelsea: Early team news

16:06 , Jamie Braidwood

Chelsea lined up with a back three in the first leg in a formation switch that saw Lauren James drop to the bench, but the Blues will need to be bolder as they look to overturn Barcelona’s lead. Emma Hayes is without centre-backs Millie Bright and Kadeisha Buchanan, as well as England’s Fran Kirby, while Pernille Harder may again start on the bench as she works to regain full match fitness.

Barcelona vs Chelsea: Early team news

16:04 , Jamie Braidwood

Barcelona could welcome back the two-time Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Putellas. The Spain star has not played for Barcelona since last season’s Champions League final defeat to Lyon after suffering an ACL injury on the eve of last summer’s Euros, but returned to training ahead of the second leg. England star Lucy Bronze is out for two weeks, however, after hurting her knee in the first leg at Stamford Bridge and undergoing minor surgery.

Barcelona vs Chelsea

16:02 , Jamie Braidwood

The match will kick off at 5:45pm BST on Thursday 27 April at the Nou Camp, Barcelona.

How can I watch it?

Every game in this season’s Women’s Champions League knockout stages is being broadcast live on streaming platform DAZN, and also on DAZN’s YouTube channel. You can set reminders to receive a notification of when the stream goes live, which is 15 minutes before the start of each match

You can sign up to DAZN where the matches will also be streamed for free across their digital platforms. The YouTube stream will also be embedded on and on for all Women’s Champions League games.

Barcelona vs Chelsea

16:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Hello, good afternoon, and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of this evening’s Women’s Champions League clash between Barcelona and Chelsea.

Emma Hayes’ side trail by one goal following the first leg at Stamford Bridge last Saturday. Caroline Graham Hansen stunned the Blues with a wonderful strike from the right side of the box to earn the visitors a slender lead in the tie.

Chelsea had their moments of dominance during the match however and they’ll harbour hopes of causing an upset against the Liga F champions.

It won’t be easy though. Barcelona have won 18 home games in row in the WCL and know that a drew or better will be enough to send them into the final.

We’ll have all the build-up, team news and updates from the Nou Camp as kick off approaches at 5.45pm