Barcelona ‘confirm swap option’ as Man Utd ‘make De Jong transfer breakthrough’

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Man City winger Bernardo Silva celebrates his goal Credit: PA Images
Man City winger Bernardo Silva celebrates his goal Credit: PA Images

An incredibly misleading report has claimed Barcelona have ‘confirmed a swap option’ that isn’t a swap in any way, shape or form, and that Joan Laporta’s refusal to rule out a move for Bernardo Silva is somehow a ‘breakthrough’ for Manchester United.

Mirror are the bullsh*t purveyors on this occasion, taking fairly interesting quotes from the Barcelona president and turning them into a story about Frenkie de Jong, because we haven’t had enough of those already.

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Laporta was asked directly about rumoured interest in Manchester City star Silva and didn’t deny that they could move the playmaker if they’re able to register the players they’ve already signed this summer.

“First we have to register the players we have so far signed. And then we will see what can be done if the coach asks for more players,” Laporta said.

“It’s a long summer. [The market] doesn’t finish until August 31. We have to register the new signings and hopefully we can do that before August 13 (when the Spanish season starts). Then we will see what happens. It could be that there is another signing.”

Interesting, right? Not interesting enough though, apparently.

Bringing De Jong into the mix is fair enough. He’s big news and Barcelona’s chase of Silva may indeed rest on their ability to get rid of De Jong.

“We are working on players leaving,” Laporta confirmed. “But it is not easy.”

It’s a big old stretch to claim Laporta saying they might sign another footballer is a ‘breakthrough’ for United, but still, we’re not averse to bit of story fluffing once in a while.

However, what’s this ‘swap option’ nonsense? A swap would surely mean De Jong is going to Manchester City if Silva is off to the Nou Camp? Nope.

In fact, aside from the headline there is no mention of a swap deal whatsoever.

Barcelona believe their permitted squad spend should rise considerably after they sold off 25 per cent of future TV rights to the Sixth Street investment fund, and are in constant contact with La Liga.

Laporta added: “We are doing all they ask of us. I imagine they [La Liga] will not block us [from registering players]. I hope La Liga interprets things in the same way as we have. If they don’t then we will have to find a solution.”

“We have sold 25 per cent of TV rights and we have sold 25 per cent of Barça Studios to for 100m euros. We are doing what we can to be able to register players.” is the company behind the fans tokens app that enables supporters to buy tokens using crypto currency that will then give them the chance to influence club decisions, and Laporta defended the club’s use of these so-called economic levers.

He said: “It’s not something frivolous. We have done it to save the club and incorporate new players. Hopefully we will not have to activate more levers. If we have to then we will consider it. The risk is controlled.”

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