Barbie's beau Ken turns 60

Happy birthday Ken! Barbie's beau turns 60

Toymaker Mattel recreated Ken's original look

to celebrate his milestone birthday

Ken was named after the son of Mattel founders

Elliot and Ruth Handler

He has had multiple makeovers over the years

and now appears in nine different skin tones

and three different body shapes

(SOUNDBITE) (English) BARBIE SENIOR DESIGN DIRECTOR ROBERT BEST SAYING:"You know, he's like a good sort of like solid dude, he's like, you know, Barbie's friend. And they started out, I think, where it was kind of position that they were dating, like they met at the dance. I think we look at it in a much more open ended way now, because we know that it's about kids telling personal stories. So, it's like Ken can be whoever the kid wants them to be."