Barbie Hsu addresses ex-husband following accusations


22 Nov – Barbie Hsu has recently responded to ex-husband Wang Xiaofei, after the mainland businessman decided to post a series of accusations against her and her family on social media.

On 21 November, the Taiwanese actress released a joint statement with her lawyer, writing, "From the first second of meeting Wang Xiaofei, I have never hurt him physically and mentally, and sincerely respected Wang's father and Ms. Zhang Lan from the bottom of my heart."

"As for the reason for the divorce, for the good of Xiaofei and his parents, I proposed that since our relationship had come to an end, we would part on good terms as the basis for our divorce, and promised I would never speak ill of them in my life. I did what I promised."

Barbie and Wang during the happy days
Barbie and Wang during the happy days

When it comes to the well being of their two kids, Barbie said that she honoured their joint custody. She also revealed that the children are also looking forward to seeing their father.

"I hope that Mr Wang will stop blocking me, as it renders me unable to remind him not to violate the law with his emotional statements... I apologise for bringing negative energy to the public and hope to stop the conflict," she added.

Following the public statement, Wang posted, "I ask you, is it okay to send the child back to Beijing for the winter vacation? So many words in one day!"

Wang's previous rants were triggered by news outlets revealing that the actress was accusing him of not providing spousal maintenance since March.

The actress is currently married to Korean entertainer Koo Jun-Yup
The actress is currently married to Korean entertainer Koo Jun-Yup

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Fanpage IG)