Barack Obama Is Not That Impressed With Keegan-Michael Key’s Impression of Him (Video)

Tony Maglio
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Keegan-Michael Key is a master of impressions — but his Barack Obama leaves a little something to be desired, according to the former president himself.

The “Key & Peele” star joined Jimmy Fallon on Thursday when the two swapped impersonations and impersonation stories. Key told the “Tonight Show” host that Obama was just so-so on the “Mad TV” alum’s attempt at doing our 44th POTUS.

“Last year, I got to do it for him — like explicitly, almost, for him,” Key said. “I was telling him a story about impersonating him.”

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“He was giggling and laughing at the story, but then at the end, he goes: (as Obama) ‘You know, um, my register’s a little bit lower than what you’re doing,'” he continued.

Key’s response? “Duly noted sir.” Honestly, what else are you going to say to the former president?

Watch the video above.

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This particular Fallon segment actually gives pretty practical advice on how to do impersonations. So young impressionists, watch it two or three times.

Key was on “The Tonight Show” promoting Audible original “The History of Sketch Comedy,” which he made with wife Elle Key. Readers can watch the trailer — and get the series — here.

That brief video also includes some solid sketch and improv comedy advice — for free!

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Fallon, the former king of late-night television, is playing catch-up (in total viewers) these days to counterparts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. “The Tonight Show” remains ahead of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in ratings among adults 18-19, according to Nielsen, but not the “Late Show” on CBS.

Hopefully, the transition from President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden brings viewers back to Fallon, who suffered double-digit declines (on a percentage basis) in total viewers and among adults 18-49 in each year of Trump’s presidency — something that Colbert and Kimmel never experienced.

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