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Bar Soap Is Back—and So Much Better Than You Remember

If you're anything like [checks notes] pretty much every dude I've ever met in my life, there's a good chance that there was some point in your formative years when you decided that you had crossed the rubicon into adulthood and were now a Body Wash Guy. In all likelihood, it happened in your teens, because we're all a little gross and very terrified and deeply susceptible to the kind of marketing that says shit like, "Bar soap is fine for babies and kids and whatever, but body wash is sexy." Sure.

Quick point of order: Body wash is still great. Enjoy it liberally! But it ain't the only game in town. And if you've internalized the idea that bar soap is going to dry out your skin, or leave behind residue, or generally wreck up your life in some unforeseen manner, know this: You've been sold a bill of goods. The best modern bar soap does all the things you want it to do—whether that's hydrating or exfoliating or just smelling really great—but it happens to come in a bar instead of a bottle. It also tends to last longer, which is good news for anyone who's economically minded, looking to cut down on single-use plastic, or simply motivated by convenience.

Sold on the prospect yet? I should hope so. But if not, just give any one of the options on this list a try and you'll be a bar soap convert in short order. So fresh, so clean, et cetera. Happy scrubbing.

Bar Soap Is Back—and So Much Better Than You Remember

Here are 12 options to buy now.

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