Bar Jokingly Maintains Social-Distancing Measures by Throwing Beer

Going for a pint just ain’t what it used to be as lockdown restrictions begin to lift. That’s certainly the case for one bar in Northern Ireland, which has came up with a novel way to serve beer while also maintaining social distancing.

The only problem is, customers will need to be a very good catch if they’re to avoid getting wet.

Tongue-in-cheek footage shared to Facebook by Villa Portstewart, a bar and grill in Co Derry, on June 18 shows one of its servers throwing a beer to a waiting customer – saturating him in the process.

“When the workmen want a pint but you have to social distance,” the bar quipped alongside the video.

The bar reopens on July 3, presumably with some refinements to its post-COVID serving techniques. Credit: Villa Portstewart via Storyful