Bar Associations Lead March for Racial Justice in Memphis

Members of Tennessee bar associations and the legal community marched through Memphis on June 24 to protest against racial injustice as part of the “Bar Unity March”.

The event was organized by the the Memphis Bar Association, the Ben F. Jones Chapter of the National Bar Association, and the Association for Women Attorneys, and was promoted by other bar associations in the state including the Knoxville Bar Association.

Organizers said the march symbolized the “Memphis legal communities’ unification in recognizing that racism reaches every facet of our lives and must also be addressed within the legal community and legal system.”

Participants were asked to wear “professional dress” and masks were required for the march through downtown Memphis.

“We all pledge to work with social justice agencies to advocate, publicly educate, and participate in concerted collective efforts to eradicate racism and social injustices,” organizers said. Credit: Johnathan C. Smith via Storyful