Bannon criminally charged for defying Jan. 6 subpoena

The U.S. Justice Department said on that Stephen Bannon, a longtime adviser to former President Donald Trump, has been criminally charged for failing to comply with a subpoena issued by a House of Representatives committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Bannon has refused to comply with subpoenas seeking documents and his testimony, citing Trump's insistence that his communications are protected by the legal doctrine of executive privilege - a claim already rejected by one judge.

Trump has urged Bannon and other former aides subpoenaed by the committee to reject its requests.

Bannon was charged with one count of contempt of Congress involving his refusal to appear for a deposition and another involving his refusal to produce documents, the Justice Department said.

The Jan. 6 Select Committee released a report saying Bannon's testimony and document production are crucial to their investigation into the Capitol attack.

Bannon, according to the report, said on January 5th, "All hell is going to break loose tomorrow."

The next day thousands of Trump supporters descended on the Capitol building, attacking police and raiding congressional offices, in an attempt to stop lawmakers from certifying the 2020 election results.

Bannon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Contempt of Congress is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $100,000.

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