Banksy stamp marks one year since Russian invasion

STORY: This Banksy postage stamp was unveiled on

the first anniversary of Russia's war on Ukraine

Locator: Kyiv, Ukraine

Anonymous graffiti artist Banksy claimed

ownership of eight murals around Kyiv in 2022

The artwork on the new stamp reflects one of them

(Ihor Smilianskyi, Head of Ukrainian Postal Service)

"We consider our stamps to be prophetic...We thought that this exact stamp, this exact painting would be the best representation of what every Ukrainian feels about our enemy."

(Nataliia Hrebeniuk, Kyiv resident)

"This stamp is very necessary and symbolic. It depicts a young boy defeating a big man. I think the boy is a symbol of a small Ukraine which defeats the big man, Russia. It's very representative of the situation."

February 24th marked one year

since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine