Bangi MP: Industries must speak out against silly SOPs

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Bangi MP: Industries must speak out against silly SOPs
Bangi MP: Industries must speak out against silly SOPs

Industry players have been urged to speak out against Covid-19 protocols which do not make sense and hamper the process of economic recovery.

In a statement today, Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming said he will help highlight these problems and bring them to the attention of the four senior ministers in charge of making the rules.

Ong said one such problematic rule is limiting food and beverage sales at cinemas to online-only, at the time when the tickets are bought.

"This makes no sense since dining in is allowed. It is hard to see how queuing up for popcorn and mineral water with proper physical distancing for a few minutes is more dangerous than dining-in in groups without masks for longer periods," said Ong.

Ong said this rule will affect the cinema industry as food and beverage sales account for 40 percent of revenue.

Similarly, Ong said the government had also imposed a strange rule of barring cinemagoers from sitting in pairs unless they are family members when such rules do not apply when dining in.

Ong also complained about a rule preventing children below the age of 17 from visiting cinemas, although the vaccination programme for teenagers had already begun.

"These are just some of the SOPs which do not make sense and affects just one industry... I am sure that there are other SOPs that do not make sense and negatively affect other industries.

"I urge the relevant associations and representatives for these industries to reach out directly to me about other SOPs which do not make sense so that they can be publicly highlighted," he said.

Currently, cinemas in the National Recovery Plan Phase 2 states are allowed to use 50 percent of their seat capacity.

The cap is 80 percent for Phase 3 states and none for states in Phase 4.

However, the rule for buying food is the same across all phases - it must be done online at the time when tickets are bought.

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