Banana farmer loses crop in Pakistan floods

STORY: This is Mohammad Yunas's banana plantation in Thatta, Sindh province.

Pakistan's unprecedented floods have submerged all 21 acres of it.

The extreme weather has wrecked livelihoods as well as killing almost 1,500 people.

Homes, vehicles, crops and livestock have been swept away in damage estimated at $30 billion.

Yunas has paid one of his workers to swim in the flood waters and find out if any of the crop can be salvaged.

But what he finds can't be eaten. Nothing can be saved, Yunas says.

"No trader is going to buy these bananas. Even animals will not eat these bananas because they have gone rotten on the inside."

Most of the plantation employees have been out of work since the floods destroyed the crop.

Displaced like hundreds of thousands of others, the farm hands and their families wait in makeshift tents and live hand-to-mouth.

Many homeless in Sindh province are sleeping rough on elevated highways, without even a tent over their heads.

Aid flights from the United Arab Emirates and the United States arrived on Thursday (September 15), Pakistan's foreign ministry said. The United Nations is assessing reconstruction needs.