Bamboo cricket bat beats willow, scientists say

Cricket bats made from bamboo?

Cambridge University scientists say it could be in the sport’s future

Their study warns of a shortage of willow

the principal wood traditionally used to make cricket bats

SOUNDBITE) (English) DR DARSHIL SHAH, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE SAYING:“The demand for willow is going to substantially increase and if we want to, as cricket lovers, if we want more cricket and everyone to play cricket there is just not going to be enough willow to go around and we clearly need to be thinking about alternative materials for it and bamboo is a great alternative for that.”

Courtesy: Ben Tinkler-Davies / Darshil Shah

The report found the bamboo bats to be stiffer and more sustainable


"So this bat is a batsman's dream. It's all about the sweet spot here. So firstly the sweet spot is sweeter than usual willow, the sweet spot is also larger in its area so it's easier to connect and time, or rather it's difficult to mis-time shots and also the sweet spot is closer to the toe of the bat."

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