Ballerina dances Swan Lake on ice in protest

Why is this Russian ballerina dancing on frozen ice?

Location: Leningrad region, Russia

Ilmira Bagautdinova danced 'Swan Lake'

in 5°F on the frozen Gulf of Finland

to protest against the construction of a port in Batareinaya Bay

"I had this idea of course because one of the unique features of this place is that swans are coming there to nest, it is a unique part of it - to come and see them swimming. And of course, a swan is the most known image in ballet."

"It would be great if after I danced in the gulf, the construction would stop and we could save this amazing natural spot. But I don't think it's that easy. Although we got plenty of public reaction and it is great that so many people support it, that people understand that we need to save nature, the ecology - it must be part of our culture. "