Ball is No Match for Headbutt-Happy Goat

One of the goats at an Ohio hobby farm appears to love nothing more than a good headbutt, recent footage shows.

Junior, one of the residents at Tammy’s Oberlin Hobby Farm, stars in the video posted to the farm’s Facebook page in which he excitedly rams his head into a large soft yellow ball.

Oberlin-based farmer Tammy Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account.

Sharing this video on October 2, Tunison wrote, “I wish you could see Junior’s eyes when he gets excited for the big yellow ball to hit him in the head.”

Meanwhile, Alex, another of Tunison’s goats prefers to stand to one side and let Junior do his thing. As Tunison put it, he is a “lover rather than a fighter.” Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

Video transcript

TAMMY TUNISON: Ready? Are you ready? Huh? [LAUGHS] You ready, Junior? It's coming! [LAUGHS]

Come on, Junior! [LAUGHS] Come and get it, Junior! Come and get it, baby! [LAUGHS]


You ready, Alex? Oh! There we go!

Come and get it, Junior. I can see your eyes are ready for it. You ready? Good boy! Yeah! [LAUGHS] There you go!

Are you ready? You ready? There you go! [LAUGHS]

It's coming for you, baby! You ready? [LAUGHS] Come on, now. Are you ready to play?

Come on, Junior. It's coming! It's coming! [LAUGHS] It's back!

Come on, Alex! [LAUGHS] Get it, Alex! Get it, Alex! Get it, Alex. Get the ball, Alex! Get the ball, Junior!

It's coming. [LAUGHS] It's coming. [LAUGHS] Come on, Junior.

Come on, Alex. Come here, Alex. Come here, Alex.

I know, you just like the ball to touch your face. You just like it to touch your face gentle. What do you want? What do you want? What? What?

Uhh! There's my baby boy. There's my baby boy. Mm-mm-mm!

Come on, Junior. You ready, Junior. You ready? [LAUGHS] You ready, Junior? [LAUGHS]

You ready? You ready? Come on!

Come on, it's coming! It's coming! [LAUGHS] You ready? [LAUGHS] You ready, Junior? [LAUGHS]


You ready? [LAUGHS] You ready, babe? [LAUGHS] Ready? [LAUGHS]

There you go, honey. Come on, Alex! Join in, baby! Come on, you need the exercise.

Oh, no, [INAUDIBLE] you got to get him, Alex! I know you want to play. I can tell. I can just tell. I can tell you want to play! [LAUGHS]


Don't get that thing in your mouth. Get it, Alex! [LAUGHS] [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHS]