Balenciaga adds a metallic black tiger sculpture to the latest Objects collection

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Balenciaga tiger sculpture
Balenciaga tiger sculpture

A metallic black sculpture of a tiger is the latest addition to the famed Balenciaga Objects collection. Perfectly timed for the Year of the Tiger Lunar New Year celebrations, the tiger sculpture follows the release of the Balenciaga bistro table set.

Designed by Nik Kosmas, a Shanghai-based artist, the sculpture is striking and quite intimidating, especially in black brass. Kosmas is known for his unique multimedia works, which have been exhibited at prestigious sites and events such as New Museum New York and the 9th Berlin Biennale.

About the Balenciaga tiger sculpture

Fusing natural aesthetics with machine

Balenciaga tiger sculpture
Image credit: Balenciaga

According to Balenciaga, the tiger sculpture is a brass figure weighing a hefty 13kg. The Balenciaga logo features on the side of the base, which is removable.

It also measures 55.88 x 17.78cm and is 27.94cm tall, with a platform that’s approximately 38 x 27cm. Each of the limited-series sculptures will be numbered from 1 to 15 at the base, and will cost you S$47,200.

According to reports, the sculpture boasts a futuristic mechanical style, with a body that amplifies both the natural grace of the big cats and the beauty of industrial engineering.

Because it’s made entirely by hand, the Balenciaga tiger sculpture is extremely detailed. The tail has vertebrae-like sections. The head is tilted to one side and the tiger seems to be growling, with all of its sinews meticulously captured. Whiskers, too, have been carved perfectly on the ferocious face.

The merger of the natural dynamics of a tiger with industrial design, such as gear fittings on joints, makes the sculpture appear as if wearing body armour. The Balenciaga logo is carved on the tiger’s forehead.

NSS reports the sculpture has been made by moulding individual components using a lost wax technique.

What is the Objects collection?

Image credit: Balenciaga
Image credit: Balenciaga

The Objects line is Balenciaga’s special unwearable collection. Launched in 2020, the first Object was a metal sculpture in the same dimension as the brand’s size 41 Track.2 sneaker. The shoe sculpture weighed 2.5 kg and came with 16 cast brass pieces, soldered, sealed and coated with palladium.

Over time, the Objects series, produced outside of the collection calendar, have included everyday items such as Christmas decorations.

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