Baldur’s Gate 3’s First Big Patch Covers ‘Over 1000’ Problems

Lae'zel poses with a sword in Baldur's Gate 3.
Lae'zel poses with a sword in Baldur's Gate 3.

Developer Larian Studios released its first major patch for the behemoth 5E Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3, and it is, likewise, huge. The patch addresses “over 1000 bugs, glitches, and blockers” found throughout the game, Larian wrote on Twitter August 25, resulting in a patch so vast that the accompanying notes “actually exceeded Steam’s text limit.” One crucial fix? “Short players will have an easier time kissing.” Let the gnomes of Faerûn rejoice!

Those full patch notes list some spoilers, so view it cautiously if you’re afraid of them. The full patch notes are also truly—as Larian admitted and Steam safeguarded against—comically, Biblically long. I wrangled a limited few spoiler-free highlights so you could get the idea, though.

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  • You can help downed party members without encountering a “Game Over” screen glitch

  • Attacking speaking NPCs after you’re downed will now initiate your arrest, not a “Game Over”

  • A number of crashes were addressed, including one related to destroying projectiles, one related to going to Long Rest in the camp on split-screen, and one in Vulkan API

  • Your character should no longer get caught in an infinite falling loop

  • Dialogue notifications will remain on the screen longer for readability

  • Some gold bounties are “more generous”

  • Players in Explorer Mode will receive a 100 percent HP bonus rather than 50 percent

  • The Club of Hill Giant Strength bumps Strength up to 19 “and not some puny 15”

  • NPCs are less likely to attack Spiritual Weapons

And here are the really important improvements…


  • Partial ceremorphosis will rot your teeth

  • Human female strong and female half-orc body types will be able to wear barbarian armor with no shoes without their lower legs becoming invisible

  • Cameras will treat short races more appropriately


  • Lae’zel won’t float up and down while you discuss dating

  • Astarion will break up with you if you don’t help with Raphael’s quest

  • Gale’s romantic dialogue options will be less ambiguous

  • There’s contact when you kiss Shadowheart during her main dialogue

  • The end of Shadowheart’s romance scene should no longer be “triggering for some players”

  • Shadowheart’s romance also gets an extra animation

  • Tall players won’t clip while hugging, short players will have an easier time kissing


  • The modesty filter correctly applies to dragonborns

  • Invoke Duplicity creates a clothed, identical copy of your character

  • Some bald and naked Absolute Cultist corpses in the City Sewers are no longer naked

  • Minthara’s camp top is “ever-so-slightly” more modest

  • Lae’zel’s underwear will “more accurately reflect the color of dyes used on it”

Is there a fix you’re especially happy to see? Does BG3 have another issue you’re waiting for Larian to address? Let me know in the comments.

BG3 releases on PS5 September 6; its Xbox version will come out sometime this year, though it will lack splitscreen play on the Series S.

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