Bakersfield Nurses Sing Hymn for Scared Patient Before Medical Procedure

Nurses in Bakersfield, California, banded together to sing a hymn for a patient who was “panicked” before her procedure at an Adventist Health catheterization laboratory, footage released on February 5 shows.

Adventist Health said this footage shows the health care workers singing the patient’s favorite hymn, How Great Thou Art. Adventist Health said the patient was “scared” and “panicked” about her procedure, quoting the patient as saying, “I have a bad feeling; I don’t want to die.”

Adventist Health said the impromptu “Adventist Health Bakersfield Cath Lab Quartet” comprised nurses Alex Blanca, Dannah Tomas, Alvin Tomas, and Eilene Pham.

“These associates were there to care for this patient’s body, but they realized that she also needed her mind and soul treated with love,” Adventist Health said on Facebook. Credit: Adventist Health via Storyful