Bai Lu's "Only For Love" might get shelved?



28 Aug – It looks like bad luck may be befalling Bai Lu yet again, after it was rumoured that her upcoming drama, "Only For Love" has been put on hold.

Speculations about the fate of the drama sparked recently, after it was reported that the drama producer has been accused of embezzling funds of nearly RMB 10 million and is now under investigation.

If the producer is found guilty, there is a high chance that the drama might be reshot or shelved.

It also means that it will be Bai Lu's second drama to be shelved, after "Story of Kunning Palace". The latter was suddenly pulled from broadcast after one of the actors posted a white paper on social media that many speculated to be an act of protest against China's COVID protocols.

Adapted from the popular novel, "Wrong Lie" (translated title), "Only For Love" tells the love story between financial reporter Zheng Shuyi (Bai Lu) and the domineering president Shi Yan (Dylan Wang).


'Story of Kunning Palace' was previously pulled from broadcast
'Story of Kunning Palace' was previously pulled from broadcast


(Photo Source: SINA)