Bahraini Halwa-makers preserve 170 year-old tradition

STORY: This Halwa factory has been run by the same family for 170 years

Location: Muharraq, Bahrain

Halwa is a sweet confectionery widely popular throughout the Middle East

In 1850, a young Hussain Showaiter began making it in his home

Now it's a large factory run by his sons and grandsons with dozens of employees

Muhanna Showaiter can often be found mixing sugar, nuts and saffron

[Muhanna Fuwad Showaiter / General Manager / The Hussain Mohammed Showaiter Company]

“The idea that they had - the days of my grandfather and the days of my father and my uncle God rest his soul, was that we want people to come to Bahrain, to visit Bahrain, and to take a piece of Bahrain with them - that’s buying the Halwa - from Bahrain to make it unique."

While sticking close to tradition, the company has embraced new technologies

that have helped increase their output

“We’re very proud to announce that we have started our e-commerce today, and people all around the world can purchase our products via our website.”

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