Bahrain graduation ceremony held in a car park

A school in Bahrain held a car park graduation

Location: Sakhir

Parents parked their balloon-filled cars in front of the stage

as their children received their high school certificate

(SOUNDBITE) (English) GRADUATING STUDENT'S MOTHER, HALA YATEEM, SAYING:"Our son Zayed Bahzad graduated in Bayan's class of 2021. We're very proud of the Bayan school and their organisation of this event"// "The graduation was fantastic we had a wonderful time."

The school had to repurpose their graduations for the last two years

But families are grateful they could mark this occasion from their cars


"The graduation was short and sweet. The ceremony I mean. But you know, with this heat, it's difficult."//" It should be more interactive, but otherwise it was well organised thanks to all the ushers."