Bad news for young fans ahead of Tokyo Olympics

Olympic dreams aren't only for the athletes.

In Japan, organizers have set aside a million tickets for students, giving them a chance to watch some of the world's best athletes compete.

But amid a fresh surge of covid cases, schools are facing some hard decisions

Principal Jun Tashiro had originally planned to take 500 of his primary students to Tokyo.

"We are still preparing to help make our children's dreams come true. But there may be some risks that cannot be resolved," he said.

Tashiro has tried to map out the pros and cons

He says right now, because of the risk, he is leaning "no".

And he is not alone.

More than half the tickets for the school program have already been cancelled

COVID cases in Tokyo spiked to more than 700 last Saturday: a five-week high.

And with vaccines in short supply, parents are worried, too.

"Adults have not yet all been vaccinated, and vaccinations for children haven't even started. So it's really hard to decide whether to let my child go, or not," one mother said.

Japan has already barred all spectators from overseas and capped domestic audiences at 10,000 for each venue.

If cases continue to rise, organizers say they will push ahead with the competitions without the audience.

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