‘The Bad Guys’ Cast and Character Guide: Who Voices Who?

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‘The Bad Guys’ Cast and Character Guide: Who Voices Who?

From DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures comes a great antihero story about five notorious ‘villains’ who undertake the challenge of turnin good, but also using that guise to pull off their biggest heist yet. In human and humanoid animal world, there is an award for the best-behaved person or creature every year: the golden dolphin.

Wolf, Snake, Webs the Tarantula, Shark and Piranha could care less about being good or helping people, because their talent lies in bad behavior. The Chief of Police dreams of the day she can capture and arrest all five of these clever crooks, but they have evaded her thus far. New and familiar voices bring this entertaining action-packed movie to life.

Here’s who voices who in “The Bad Guys”:

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