How to make bacon wrapped pork chops

Pork blossoms - Boneless Pork chops pounded and made into small pouches. Filled with salami, sun dried tomatoes, parsley and cheddar cheese and motley mustard. wrapped with bacon. Ingredients Pork chops-boneless Onion (the large part to make a big ring) Parsley (chopped) Salami ( I used genoa) Cheddar cheese (chopped up) Sun dried tomatoes (in oil and chopped up) Bacon Motley Mustard (by Motley Que. see ordering details below) Sweet and Savory By Blues hog. Barbecue sauce ( I used Guiness by Bulls Eye) Instructions: 1.Trim the hard fat from your pork chops 2. Place pork chop between plastic wrap and pound till real flat! 3. Chop up all your filling ingredients Parsley, Salami, Cheddar Cheese and Sun Dried tomatoes. Take out 3 pieces of bacon and place in an x pattern Place pork chop in the middle. Season both sides of the chop with the sweet & savoury rub baste the inside of the chop with Motley Mustard. place the filling in the middle Start to fold up the chop and pinch the top (It should hold together) Fold up the bacon (it should be Kriss crossed at the top) Place the onion ring over the blossom. (should hold it in place) Pre Heat your grill/smoker to 375 Place the Blossoms in your smoker for 30 mins. after 30 mins baste in sauce and cook for another 15mins. Take out and enjoy! If you would like to order Motley Mustard or any other Motley Que product log into and use promo code Grizzly