Backlash over UK secondary school strict ‘no contact rule’ banning students from hugging, high-fiving, shaking hands

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 — Students of Mossley Hollins High School which is located in Greater Manchester have been banned from hugging, shaking hands or high-fiving with each other.

They are restricted from having physical contact with others under a strict “no contact rule” set by the school’s management, The Sun News reported.

Students are also forbidden from fighting, occupying congested benches and holding a spot for friends in the lunch line.

According to the school, the regulation was implemented to ‘further improve our positive school culture.’ Students however expressed their outrage over the school’s controversial rule, Manchester Evening News reported.

A former student has claimed that students felt “pressured” and that the rules “weren’t going down too well.”

Parents have also responded angrily, accusing the school of turning its students into “robots.”

One parent, named Bill Williams said: “So all pupils should be non-binary genderless robots with zero human touch. This is extremely freakish controlling behaviour.”