From backflips to pogo sticks, Guinness records are smashed

These people are now Guinness World Record holders

Location: Sichuan province, China

Zhang Shuang pulled a car for 50 meters while walking on his hands

It took him one minute and 13.27 seconds

Location: London, England

Tyler Phillips bounced over five London cabs

breaking the record for the most consecutive cars cleared on a pogo stick

Location: Leeds, England

British gymnast Ashley Watson broke his own record

for the farthest backflip between two horizontal bars

propelling himself six meters through the air

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ASHLEY WATSON, SAYING:"If you want to be a Guinness World Records title holder just go for it, do it, find what you are really good at, see what the record is, train for it as hard as you can and do it. Honestly you won't regret it"

Location: Florida, United States

Laura Biondo bagged a couple of certificates for her ball control skills

including the most double 'around the world' tricks

ever achieved by a female in 60 seconds

(SOUNDBITE)(English) LAURA BIONDO, SAYING:"What I love about record breaking is that it's a way to inspire, especially for the new generation but for me the most important thing is to inspire girls to follow their dreams and to know that if you set yourself a goal you can definitely achieve it if you put hard work into it."

Location: Doha, Qatar

Ayoub Touabe did 12 one-legged backward somersaults in 30 seconds

Location: Chiba, Japan

And Takahiro Ikeda completed 45 'time machine' tricks in 30 seconds

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