The new Backbone One is the USB Type-C mobile controller to play them all, and it's available now

 Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.
Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.

What you need to know

  • The Backbone One is one of the very best mobile controllers for cloud and native gaming.

  • On Wednesday, the company released the latest version of its award-winning controller.

  • The Backbone One USB Type-C (Gen 2) is compatible with nearly all Android smartphones and the entire iPhone 15 series.

  • It'll be sold alongside the new Carrying Case, and features an improved fit, a more ergonomic D-Pad, and a refreshed mobile app.

When it comes to the best mobile controllers for cloud gaming, you can't make a list without including the Backbone One. This impressive mobile controller has stood the test of time thanks to its excellent quality, ergonomic design, continued software support, its compatibility with Android and iOS devices, and its dual-layouts for Xbox and PlayStation familiarity.

On Wednesday, Backbone announced the latest edition of its critically-acclaimed Backbone One, and it's the best the controller has ever been. Now, one version of the controller is fully compatible with practically every Android device and the new iPhone 15 series of phones (which now feature USB Type-C cables). The fit has improved, and so has the D-Pad. It looks great, and it's available now for the same price as its predecessor.

Oh, and there's a new carrying case.

Backbone One USB Type-C (Gen 2)

The latest Backbone One is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones with USB Type-C ports, offers a better fit thanks to magnetic adapters, boasts a superior and more ergonomic D-Pad, and is available now from a wide variety of retailers for $99.99.

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Backbone One Carrying Case

If you frequently game on the go, the Backbone One Carrying Case is a necessity. It'll keep your Backbone One safe and secure no matter where you travel, so you'll always be ready for a spot of mobile gaming.

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The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the new Backbone One mobile controller was actually available before the official announcement if buying straight from Backbone. Now, though, the Backbone One USB Type-C (Gen 2) is available from Backbone, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, GameStop, and Verizon. The announcement also sees the release of the official Backbone One Carrying Case, available starting today from Backbone, Best Buy, and Amazon.

In our original Backbone One review, we praised the controller for its comfort, build quality, software support, and overall level of polish. Then, it only worked with iPhones, but Backbone has since expanded support with a USB Type-C version for Android, and a special white edition donning PlayStation's iconic buttons. The latest version of the controller can support both mobile platforms with one port, thanks to the iPhone 15 series' move to the widely adopted USB Type-C standard.

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Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.
Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.

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Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.
Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.

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Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.
Image of the Backbone One USB Type-C Gen 2 mobile controller.

Backbone took the opportunity to improve its controller, though. Magnetic adapters and a subtly tweaked design expands compatibility for more smartphones (including those wearing cases) with a better, more secure fit. The D-Pad has been reshaped to be more responsive and comfortable. The Backbone app that acts as a one-stop launcher for all your mobile gaming has been updated alongside the new controller with a more attractive and intuitive interface, too.

Shortly before this post went live, Backbone also revealed to me that each Backbone One will come with three months of Apple Arcade for free, giving players access to a rotating title of over 200 iOS games (many of which should support the Backbone One as an input). Furthermore, Backbone is updating its iOS app with a new experience that ties directly into Apple Arcade and allows players to jump straight into their favorite games.

The only mobile controller that offers serious competition to the Backbone One is the Razer Kishi V2, but Backbone is continuing its focus on quality, polish, and software to help it stand out from the growing competition. Whether you're enjoying native mobile games, emulating classics, or streaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming or NVIDIA GeForce Now, the Backbone One is ready to go. If you pick up the carrying case, you can also ensure it stays safe in between gaming sessions.