Back To The Future: DeLorean Makes A Roaring Return With The All-Electric Alpha5

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DMC has revealed the DeLorean Alpha5 EV concept, which revives the iconic movie car from 1985’s Back To The Future. Limited to 88 builds, here’s what you need to know about it.

The DeLorean is back and it’s electric. Cinematically immortalised by 1985’s Back To The Future, the DeLorean time machine was every kid’s dream car and college junkie’s bedroom poster. Well of course, if you’re going to be resurrecting a silver screen icon, especially four decades later, it needs to be special. And boy it is. Dubbed the Alpha5 EV, the new-age DeLorean proves that icons of the past can become future trendsetters.


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DeLorean Alpha5: Back to the future, design, top speed, all electric

Delorean alpha5
The DeLorean Alpha5 revives the iconic car from ‘Back To The Future’.

The new DeLorean is still shy when it comes to revealing details about its performance. However, it did confirm that it does zero-to-100-km/hour in 3.4 seconds and maxes out at an electronically limited 241-km/hour. Delivering all this power is a 100-kWh-plus battery pack that’s capable of doing 483 kms on a full charge.

If you think these are aggressive or tame, just know that these figures come from their ‘base performance’ model.

Delorean alpha5
Delorean alpha5

Let’s talk design, just like its first-gen, this too embraces those Gullwing doors and rear glass louvers, all nods to the past. Its front sees elegant slim headlights and a dip scoop. Also interestingly, the charging port is part of the front fender, making it much easier to charge now. Is it just me or the wheels on this are massive?

With all those curves, this electric coupe scores a remarkably low drag coefficient of only 0.23, which isn’t the best in the business as Mercedes has achieved a Cd of 0.20. In terms of dimensions, it’s considerably bigger than its ancestor, stretching 4,995-millimetres long, 2,044-mm wide and 1,370-mm tall.

Delorean alpha5
Delorean alpha5

Inside, they’ve ditched he flux capacitor. We’re already in the future. While seating four, it’s packed with top-shelf luxury trims all round. It’s absolutely minimalist like most conventional EVs, it boasts a massive embedded touchscreen residing on a “floating center console. The driver too gets a fully digital instrument cluster and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. The ultra-wide gullwing doors make accessing the rear seats quite easy.

Would you like to own one of these? Only 88 will be made, and these will also be followed by a V8-powered coupe just for old times sake. More so, if everything works well, they’re also looking and releasing an electric sedan and a hydrogen-powered SUV. Stay tuned to Pebble Beach in August as the DeLorean Alpha5 will be making its first public appearance followed by production in 2024.

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