‘Back to the Future’ Cast Reunites In Heartwarming Photo 38 Years Later

The Back to the Future cast has reunited, and they’ve got a heartwarming photo to prove it.

Christopher Lloyd shared a photo with his co-stars Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Thomas F. Wilson on Instagram, reuniting Doc Brown, Marty McFly, Lorraine McFly and Biff Tannen respectively.

The photo was accompanied by a caption, “Can we get 88k likes? The past says so.” At the time of writing, the post has received 7.3 million views and 271 thousand likes. Llyod didn’t explicitly mention why he was aiming for 88 thousand likes, but 88 miles per hour is notably the speed needed in order to travel back to the future.

The cast reportedly reunited to support Back to the Future: The Musical which premiered on Broadway on 3 August. Previously, the cast reunited at the FAN EXPO Portland Convention in February.

back to the future
back to the future

Back to the Future first premiered in 1985 and was directed by Robert Zemeckis. The movie launched a successful trilogy with a sequel in 1989 and 1990. All three movies became instant cult classics and shaped the sci-fi genre. It grossed over US$966.4 million at the box office and earned fan love and critical acclaim upon release.

The Back to the Future movies have also launched an animated series, games and as previously mentioned, theatrical productions. In an age of reboots, fans and fellow cast members (Fox not included) have expressed interest on a potential reboot or sequel. Unfortunately, it may not happen anytime soon – if ever. Until then, reunion photos will do.

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