'Back the F**k Up': Upland Man Charged After Brandishing Assault Rifle at Protesters

A man was arrested after brandishing an assault rifle during a confrontation with protesters in Upland, California, on June 1.

Jacob Bracken, 39, was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon according to an ABC report quoting Upland police officials.

Footage of the incident, which occurred along Foothill Boulevard, shot by local Romualdo Sanchez shows an initially peaceful roadside protest, which was “comprised mostly of high school students and young adults,” according to ABC.

The footage then shows a conversation between a white male and protesters before Bracken is seen taking the weapon from a pickup truck and yelling “alright everybody, back the f**k up, back the f**k up.”

He then places the weapon back in the car before commenting, “you want me to get stupid?” in the direction of protesters. Those protesting are later seen chanting “we want peace” before a minor confrontation with police, which ends peacefully. Credit: Romualdo Sanchez via Storyful