'Back door' vaccine agents using MySejahtera loophole?

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'Back door' vaccine agents using MySejahtera loophole?
'Back door' vaccine agents using MySejahtera loophole?

SPECIAL REPORT | In the past few months, various irregularities in Covid-19 vaccination appointments via the MySejahtera app have been reported. One of them is the claim that those who have yet to receive their vaccination appointment on the app can pay to get one, albeit illegally, if they know who to look for.

It is alleged that these "paid for appointments" can be made by so-called "vaccination appointment agents" using a loophole on MySejahtera.

KiniTV spoke to such an agent who claimed to be able to guarantee an appointment, or else the money would be refunded.

“You need to transfer the money and send me your MySejahtera details. We'll inform you after we make arrangements on our side.

"The appointment will show up in your (MySejahtera) system on the day of the vaccination, and you can go get your jab,” she said.

Watch a KiniTV reporter’s conversation with an ‘appointment agent’:

Meanwhile, another informant told Kinitv that at least two of her acquaintances had approached her to sell her appointment slots that they managed to secure. One was selling them at RM300 each, another at RM380.

“He said he can slot one or two (appointments) in but we have to pay. We need to pay about RM380.”

A doctor who owns a private clinic that also serves as a government-appointed vaccination centre explained that such a loophole could possibly exist in the vaccination appointment waitlist system.

According to the doctor, who wants to be only known as Goh, vaccination centre personnel are given access to the MyVAS system, which administers Covid-19 vaccination appointments via the backend of the MySejahtera app.

They are also authorised to create new appointments on waitlists in the event that recipients fail to show up for their vaccination appointments. This is where there is room for abuse, the doctor added.

“It's up to us (to decide who will replace the absentees).

“Thousands of people are being vaccinated every day. I don't think anybody can go and see 'Oh, what's his IC number? Oh my god, why are you only 18 years old (and got vaccinated)?' Nobody knows,” Goh said.

For the full story and the reaction of the minister in charge of the vaccination programme, Khairy Jamaluddin, check out KiniTV’s full report below:

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