All About 'The Bachelor' Star Kelsey Toussant, Who Just Joined Joey Graziadei's Season

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All About 'The Bachelor' Star Kelsey ToussantRichard Middlesworth

Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor is incoming and appears to mostly consist of him (1) making out with strangers in and around various bodies of water, (2) getting slapped in the face repeatedly with a flying sausage, and (3) crying gently and then not-at-all-gently while ABC's camera crew presumably stands around uncomfortably.

And it looks like amid all this chaos, Joey forms a connection with—well, actually with several dozen women. But we're here to specifically talk about Kelsey Toussant, one of two Kelseys on the show. (Because lord knows ABC loves nothing more than keeping the Bachelor on his toes by casting multiple people with the same name.)

Not gonna hit you with spoilers just yet (keep scrolling for that), but Kelsey T is definitely one to watch, so let's dive into everything we know about her.

Kelsey Is an Actor/Realtor

Kelsey was born and raised in Los Angeles and has a pretty impressive IMDb page. Like, she was straight up in Barbie (she had an uncredited role as Miss Universe Jamaica). On top of that casual line on her resume, Kelsey has also made appearances in How I Met Your Father, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and a Pepsi commercial with Doja Cat.

When Kelsey isn't busy appearing in blockbuster films, she's a realtor at the Flower Street Group, where her bio reads, "Kelsey is an L.A. native, downtown local, and 14-year veteran of the service industry, so you can trust her to help you make your dreams of selling or buying a home a reality. She believes that the best way to understand her clients is to build genuine relationships, and her patience, knowledge, and innovative spirit have helped her make the impossible possible."

Oh, and she also runs her own online clothing store.

She's Been Engaged Before

ABC's always iconic bio writer, who—based on this season's absolutely deranged "fun facts"—may or may not be losing their tensile grip on reality, says that 31-year-old Kelsey "has had multiple long-term relationships and was engaged to her ex. She says she knows she is 'ready to fall in love again' and wants a man who will appreciate the thoughtfulness she brings to their relationship."

And please note that "when she meets the right person, Kelsey usually falls in love hard and fast."

Kelsey Is Close With Her Family

Apparently Kelsey "loves to have game nights with her girls, spend time with her big, tight-knit family, and play a round of beach volleyball."

Now also seems like as good a time as any to inform you that....ABC would like us to know Kelsey "likes when wild lizards crawl into her hands." Okay! On a more relatable note, she "wants to thank Destiny’s Child for getting her through her adolescence," a sentiment we can all get on board with.

She's Super Adventurous

Kelsey "describes herself as understanding, adventurous, and ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Joey." Honestly, love that about her!

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Kelsey Made It to Joey's Final Six

According to Bachelor spoiler source Reality Steve, Kelsey traveled to Montreal along with 10 of Joey's contestants and made it to his final six. But sadly, she was eliminated in Jasper—meaning she didn't make it to Joey's Hometowns.

Excited to get to know Kelsey better as the season airs regardless! And psst, you can find out who made Joey's final four below:

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