The Bachelor: Does Joey Graziadei get engaged at the end of season 28?

The Bachelor: Does Joey Graziadei get engaged at the end of season 28?

The Bachelor has returned for its 28th season, welcoming back Bachelorette fan-favourite Joey Graziadei for his second chance at love.

The 28-year-old franchise alum, who came in second during season 20 of The Bachelorette last August, was greeted by 32 women all competing for his heart during the 22 January premiere.

That number has since dwindled. And yet, with weeks left until the season finale, popular blogger Reality Steve thinks he already knows who the final woman will be, and according to Business Insider, he’s seldom wrong.

Warning potential spoilers of The Bachelor season 28 to follow. Continue at your own risk.

In a blog article published in November, Reality Steve included a string of tweets he had originally posted, which showed footage and pictures of Joey filming the series in October.

Among the biggest revelations to come from Reality Steve’s spoilers is Joey’s supposed engagement to Daisy, the early fan-favourite from Minnesota.

During the premiere, Joey and Daisy appeared to hit it off quite well as they spoke one-on-one and even shared a first kiss.

Footage and photos posted to X by Reality Steve showed the two hand-in-hand and kissing as they filmed the Hometown Visit episode at Daisy’s home in Minnesota.

While Reality Steve admits that he has no proof he can share, he adds: “Just like every season, people will question, people will doubt, and contestants will post stuff on social media to throw fans off. Happens every season. This one will be no different.

“But come finale night, this is what you’ll see. Joey and Daisy got engaged in Tulum, Mexico at the end of the season,” he claims.

“Obviously the finale won’t air until mid-March so who knows what can happen in the next four months. But this is how the season ended. Have no proof that I can share, which I usually never do without outing any sources, so here it is.”

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Joey said that this season “tested” him. “It’s something that felt very unnatural early on,” he said of being the star.

“I felt unnatural through the whole process and people will see that. I tried to be as open and honest about that,” Joey continued. “I didn’t try to act like I was supposed to be in this role, or I had it figured out. That wouldn’t be me to do that, but the best thing I could do each time, what I kept trying to do, was do it to the best of my ability and just kind of trust that I was doing my best so I could kind of live with everything that comes out of it.”

New episodes of The Bachelor air Mondays on ABC at 5pm PT/8pm ET.