“Bachelor ”Alum“ ”Sarah Herron Welcomes Twin Girls with Husband Dylan Brown 'A Whopping 7.5 Weeks Early'

Herron announced on Saturday, July 6 that her and Brown's twin girls were born on July 1

<p>Sarah Herron/Instagram (2)</p> Sarah Herron and husband Dylan Brown with their baby twin girls.

Sarah Herron/Instagram (2)

Sarah Herron and husband Dylan Brown with their baby twin girls.

Sarah Herron is a mom to twins — but a little earlier than expected!

The Bachelor alum, 37, announced that she and her husband Dylan Brown had welcomed their twin girls " a whopping 7.5 weeks early" in an emotional post on Instagram on Saturday, July 6, in which she also revealed the girls' sweet names and shared footage of herself and Brown with the newborns in the hospital.

"World, meet Everette Rae & Colette Rose (Evy & Coco) born July 1st 2024. Fraternal twin sisters, our little 32-weekers took us all by surprise a whopping 7.5 weeks early 🤍 We’re all adjusting to life in the NICU as we have a long road ahead of us—undeniably filled with twists and turns—but the girls are fighters and getting stronger every day—we all are," Herron began the post, which was accompanied by a montage video of herself and her husband in the NICU with their two baby girls.

"We’re so grateful for our care team and any continued prayers for our tiny warriors. Today’s plan: Sleep, breathe and grow! Welcome to the world little ones! My heart is completely outside of my body for these two miracles," she concluded her post, adding various hashtags including #preemiemom #preemietwins #preemiebaby #nicumom."

<p>Sarah Herron/Instagram</p> Sarah Herron and her baby twin girls, who were born on July 1, 2024.

Sarah Herron/Instagram

Sarah Herron and her baby twin girls, who were born on July 1, 2024.

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The sweet video accompanying the announcement also included plenty of close-up shots of the tiny twins, both nestled against their mom's chest and being held by their dad.

With "They're here..." written over the beginning of the clip, the clip was soundtracked by the Iron and Wine song "Call It Dreaming" and also showed moments of Herron holding one of the twins' hands and her husband shirtless at one point as he had some skin-on-skin time with one of their new babies.

In January, the reality TV star announced that she was pregnant by sharing a photo of an ultrasound on Instagram alongside the text, "Appointment today went well, the babies are growing on track! Next appointment in 3 weeks. The babies look so round and chubs! Little Rolly pollies!"

<p>Sarah Herron/Instagram</p> Dylan Brown holding one of his and Sarah Herron's baby twin girls.

Sarah Herron/Instagram

Dylan Brown holding one of his and Sarah Herron's baby twin girls.

Herron then reflected on her first ultrasound, revealing that she initially believed she was having triplets.

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"What's really crazy that I haven't talked about yet, is that when I went in for 1st ultrasound, there were actually 3 gestational sacs. Yes, that means baby A tried to split and become identical twins, but a yolk and fetal pole never developed. SOOO ... this means for about 15 seconds I had a heart attack that there were going to be triplets," she wrote.

She showed another close-up of her ultrasound that labeled the twins as "Baby A" and "Baby B" and expressed her gratitude for Brown, writing, "He's very chipper as always."

Herron and Brown, first met in 2017, have been open about their fertility journey, IVF treatment, and the tragic death of their son Oliver, who was born at 24 weeks in Jan. 2023. Last June, Herron revealed that the couple decided to move ahead with the next step in trying to grow their family after a long in vitro fertilization (IVF) journey.

Since then, Herron has been vocal on her social media channels about her experience being pregnant, expressing that it's been difficult having experienced infertility and being pregnant.

"Twin pregnancy is hard on the body. It is. Any pregnancy is hard on the body and despite complaining or posting Reels about how difficult it is sleeping, I love every minute of my pregnancy," the mom-to-be clarified on Instagram in June.

"And I fully recognize that it is all a temporary experience and so spirits are still high. Even though I’m pretty sure I have a cracked rib right now. It’s just part of it. And it’s also okay if you’re someone who experienced infertility and hate pregnancy. Just want to say that," she continued.

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