This baby's priceless reaction shows that he's not sure about his new toy

Don't all kids love horses? Well it all depends as you will see. Harvey, the little fella here is just 9 months old. Out for lunch with his parents and grandma and grandpa, he received a new toy from grandma. Sitting in his high chair at the restaurant gave the perfect location for grandma to show Harvey his new toy. Placing the toy dancing horse on the tray of the high chair and activating its mechanical dance mechanism, it was soon noticed Harvey was not quite sure about this new toy.

While spinning left and right, the toy easily stayed within the confines of the high chairs tray. As the dance went along, Harvey began to show his uncertainty of just what was going on in front of him. Staying clear of this adorable dancing horse appeared to be the main goal of Harvey. Continually looking up to grandma for support, you notice Harvey's uncertainty grows. A quivering lip along with batting eyes make it clear he is not enjoying this new toy as much as grandma is. Soon the dancing horse runs out of steam and the act is complete. Harvey shows his relief that the show is over with a grin. Babies are surely adorable and expressive.